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01:06 am: The Ocean of Wisdom
Karmapa's Dream Flag
Dream Flag
The Meanings of the Dream Flag

The Ocean of Wisdom
Tibetan: gyalwa or Mongolian: dalai
as in Gyalwa Karmapa or Dalai Lama

At the level of relative truth, the blue is the sky (heaven), symbolizing spiritual insight and vision, and the yellow is the earth, the actual world of our everyday experience. The symmetry of the wave pattern shows how we come to understand their interdependence when we practice the dharma.

As a reminder of absolute truth, the blue symbolizes the wisdom, or emptiness aspect of awakened being, while the yellow stands for the compassion aspect. The wavy intermingling of the two colors represents their inseparability.

The interdependence shown in the flag can also be seen as the wisdom of Mahamudra, the ultimate realization of ones true nature...



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Date:June 28th, 2005 01:19 pm (UTC)
That is a truly magnificent flag. It emits an aura of harmony and aesthetic balance to me (much more so than the garish stars and stripes of a certain flag that I must endure seeing daily) haha
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Date:June 29th, 2005 01:42 am (UTC)
Yeah, I agree that this flag is much more harmonious than the American one. When interdependence, wisdom, and compassion are promoted, you know you have a keeper. It would be cool to experiment with the types of dreams that are occasioned with this dream flag. I bet they'd be much more balanced than not.
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