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April 25th, 2005

04:19 am: Dissolution

Which famous photographer are you?

Joel-Peter Witkin: Known for photographing human spectacles including hermaphrodites, dwarfs, amputees, androgynes, carcasses, people with odd physical capabilities & fetishists

"When I produce a photograph that totally satisfies, a part of me actually dies. And I think that death is an aspect of myself being burned away or dissolved, because that part of what I had to work out is taken care of."

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I like this. The quote is nice and the picture is, too. Unfolding the mind out of its unknown depths is what I'd like to do more, although ecstacy is not fun. But it sure is fun ripping off quotes from my favorite mycolater! :)

01:30 am: Reflections on "La musique d'eau"
"The music sounds Native American. Really good." (age 26)

"I like the visuals a lot. I especially like the still drop image. This DVD is much better than Winsor's, which made me feel really uneasy. This one's much more relaxing." (age 27)

"I like it a lot." (age 14)

"Very soothing."

"This DVD makes me thirsty." (age 53)

"WOW!" (whispered by a few people in the audience as the little boy dives into the pool and then comes right back out again and again)

"I really like this. It's very good stuff. The music sounds pretty similar to what Enigma plays." (age 21)

"Market it!! And then let me know where I can buy a copy." (addictions professor)

"Beautiful! The music is so nice. And the visuals are amazing. The fast change of frames gives off lots of energy, in a dance-club style, and it really makes my consciousness jump. It's so capturing. It would be nice to see it at eye-level, on an even bigger screen" [it played twice on a screen of approx. 12' X 16', at a vertical height of 8']. "But then again, looking up at this screen gives a nice effect of being under water, about to emerge." (art professor exhibiting an audio-video projection work at WaterWays)

April 24th, 2005

11:50 pm: stress
Stress is everywhere. But stress is neither good nor bad. It's just a part of being human. We're continually pressured by gravity and air, by our skin and our clothes, by our diets and activities, by our relationships with our family and friends and co-workers. But for some reason, we try to get rid of our stress. We want freedom from stress, relief from stress; we go to stress-management classes and take anti-anxiety medication. What are we striving for? Stability?? Peace?? Harmony?? These might be good things to work toward, but does it mean that we have to rid our lives of all things yin?

March 26th, 2005

01:13 am: aquatic homophony and others
WaterWays of flow
What a ways to go
What a weight so low
What a waste to blow
Water weighs this show
WaterWays to know

March 10th, 2005

03:13 am: from Me to You
that's what I would do

if I were You

coming to

see Me

March 5th, 2005

02:28 am: Aquatic Acoustics
The sounds of water are some of the most amazing sounds in all of the world. So many varieties, constantly in flux....

In case any of you out there appreciate the aquatic acoustics around us, be sure to check out Atmosphere Lite. The free program gives you an infinite (?) number of possible aquatic-acoustic combinations. Also, there's also an upgraded version called Atmosphere Deluxe that you can try out for free for a few weeks. Let me know what you think!

~~~ http://www.relaxingsoftware.com/atmliteinfo.htm ~~~

February 26th, 2005

07:55 pm: the single eye
Here's a little something I started singing some time ago.
It has two fun, silly melodies, one for each stanza.

Fly-agaric, fly away!
Live to fly another day.
Come to me, and to me say:
Live forever, one more day!
Live forever, one more day!

Soma has made the sun to shine.
Soma now gave the world a shrine.
He takes and he shakes all space and time.
He gives you what's yours, and me, what's mine.

February 24th, 2005

06:36 am: thesis
I was just writing to Shado, trying to explain the latest blueprint of my thesis. My little description ended up making a lot of sens to me, so I'll go ahead and re-post it here in my own LJ.


As each day goes by, I’m becoming more and more of an aquAmateur, of a water wonderer. And the seriousness of our current water crisis scares me and incites me to action. So my thesis is about the aquatic....imagine that : )

My writings are very much connected with WaterWays, as I’m documenting the various ways that we imagine water. In my thesis, I’m looking at many different aquatic images so as to understand the relationship that we’ve engendered with water. These aquatic images include bottled water, dams, purification/cleansing, narcissism, primordial water, maternal/feminine water, plumbing, H2O, etc. And our relationship with water, I’m arguing, is one of control, domination, abstraction, neglect, and forgetfulness.

We’ve forgotten the meaningful depths of liquidy water.
We’ve neglected the mysterious fogs of airy water.
We’ve become tolerant of the gentle burning of fiery water.
We’ve overlooked the everyday presence of earthy water.

What I’m attempting to do with my thesis is help us improve our current relationship with water, help us awaken a deeper relationship that we can have with the powerful wet stuff of water. This awakening calls for aquatic artwork, liquid language, a water mindset, and a new water ethic. I want to help us all experience the hydrological interconnections of the world. I want to help us encounter water in all of its meanings, in all of its mysterious flux. I want to help our actions more brilliantly reflect the actions of water.

February 6th, 2005

03:06 am: (w)hole
Push through:
you'll hate it all the way
but at some point
you'll be glad you made it
to the other side

February 5th, 2005

02:14 am: here now

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