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10:13 pm: anagrammatizing
Psychedelic Television

voicelessly pined ethic
devilish peyotl science
Celts hope indecisively
cello divinity speeches
psilocin cheesed levity
cheesiest policed vinyl
cheesy civil depletions
deceive chi pointlessly
indecisively chop steel
cohesively net disciple
invitees collide psyche
conceptively hides lies
solely depictive niches
vehicle destines policy


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Date:May 27th, 2005 03:22 am (UTC)
Yes! I think psychedelic television must be a voicelessly pined ethic. This is in stark contrast to everyday TV, where we hear many voices articulating various ethical positions, none of which arose out of any sincere effort of pining. Along the same line, psychedelic television is a vehicle that destines policy. Normal TV affects and is affected by policy, but only the vehicle of psychedelic television situates policy within destiny.

Destiny is beyond the voice. Pining without a voice, Psychedelic TV discovers a voiceless ethic that brings policy into alignment with destiny.

These are all good anagrams. I especially like how you're able to integrate foreign words or loan words into your anagrams (e.g., peyotl, chi). And there is much more musing to do here, which should be much more amusing. For now, I'll let the relationship between Psychedelic TV and ethics/policy remain in the foreground, as this connection seems most indicative of the social impact implied in the concept of Psychedelic Television.

Of course, ethics and policies and televisions are all merely constructs we use to depict an ineffable experience. In other words, these anagrammatical categories are solely depictive niches. We should look further into this anagrammatical unconscious of the phrase "Psychedelic Television." It shouldn't be overlooked that the anagrammatical depth of Psychedelic Television becomes eclipsed by the abbreviated forms "Psychedelic TV" and "PTV."

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Date:May 30th, 2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
Psychedelic Television as a voicelessly pined ethic does seem appropriate, I agree. The worldviews and lifestyles of psychedelicators are voiceless in that they are nondominating and nonhierarchical -- they speak silently for all beings, as an open receptacle of loving compassion that has roots in the roots of age-old plants. Psychedelic Television will disseminate the seeds of revolution, helping all of humanity turn from hatred and greed and turn to a reinhabitation of our symbiotic relationship with the earth. In this way, Psychedelic Television is sure to act as a vehicle that will destine policy for eons to come.

We will
give green glory
to the green goddesses
of green goodness and greenery.
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Date:June 2nd, 2005 06:11 am (UTC)
That is awesome! I love the energy you have about the possibilities of Psychedelic Television, and the fact that you would spend the time to create some anagrams is terrific. It really is inspiring to know others want to be a part of this revolution, for its ultimate goal is an awakening and renewed passion towards the psychedelic experience, which obviously is not a commodity that can be bought or sold. It is about resetting the compass of ourselves towards a consciousness that is more in tune with what is really important: the environment, health, peace, and understanding the nature of being. The revolution we need to have happen to turn things around has to occur in the mind. We don't have the time to wait hundreds of years for this massive transformation. We needed it yesterday. The only reliable way to alter perceptions quickly is through sacremental use of certain chemicals and plants. This is why promoting psychedelic culture is so important to the future of humanity. It's unfortunate that some consider me a radical drug-addled lunatic, since I see myself as a "psychedelicator" as you so eloquently defined it.
I feel Psychedelic Television really could be a vehicle against the dominators, dissemating spiritual energy and ideas in an entertaining way. The world truly is in the midst of an age of spiritual drought, thirsty for meaning and sustenance. I've had enough of corporate TV instilled fear. Let's show the world how to love:)
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Date:June 2nd, 2005 07:36 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed these anagrams, though it didn't take a whole lot of brainpower to come up with them. In fact, I used an online anagram generator that hermeneut showed me, and I simply sifted through the pile of results to find what I thought were the most appropriate ones for Psychedelic Television. If you like word plays, maybe you should spend a little time with the generator: http://www.mi.uib.no/~ingeke/anagram/index_eng.html. I've had some good fun with it :) But I'll warn you now, sometimes the anagram generator jams up because an overload of people are generating anagrams. Apparently, these computer games can only handle so many people at a time. They're such silly things....

I really like what you said about "resetting the compass of ourselves towards a consciousness that is more in tune with what is really important: the environment, health, peace, and understanding the nature of being." This is really well put. Psychedelic Television encompasses so much, but this statement nicely focuses on the core ingredients of its revolutionary character. I think a lot of people in the world would agree that this type of turn is what we need in order to have a promising tomorrow. It's very important that we psychedelicators become as open as possible to the cries of the earth and its inhabitants, so that we can help rekindle the flames of love toward all beings :)
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