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09:33 pm: More reflections on La musique d'eau
Below are somemore comments about La musique d'eau that a few introduction to philosophy students shared with me. I'm very happy to hear such positive responses, and I can't wait to work more on animated water tunes.

"I attended the Animated Aqua Audio last Thursday and found it to be very relaxing after a long day of classes. It was interesting to hear some of the popular music chosen that I had never really thought of as being related to water, and I really enjoyed the song by A Perfect Circle. The best part was the multi-media work by Corpus Aquaticus & Shado. Was that you reading the Rumi poetry? It sounded a bit like guided meditation and it was hard for me to stay awake at times... not from lack of interest... very cool. When you guys end up selling it, I'd love to have a copy and know a couple other people who would as well."
"i also attended the water music night. sorry this comment is so late. i was really nervous about it because i had no idea what to expect. I was really hoping to see it performed live but after attending, i understand how insanly difficult that would have been. I didn't really like the peice that was composed by the professor, it was too chaotic for me..i didn't like the imaging he did at all (but that is just my opinion). i really enjoyed the peice that you composed. it was really relaxing at the same time, it had a great beat. i had no idea what to expect, and i was pleasantly surprised. I would have liked to have seen more natural images of water to go along with the music... overall, i enjoyed it!"
"I am writing this in response to your water presentation.
First allow me to express the high level of satisfaction I got from it, it
was marvelous. It’s amazing what sort of things can be achieved with
today’s technology. I think you and your friends really had high level of
coordination set between the music and the images. Since you mentioned in
class that you will be editing this version to an even better one I will
talk about the things I liked and things that may have been more appealing
if changed. Let me say that I liked it all, and that you will most likely
get different reviews from everyone. Therefore, I think you should go with
what appeals to you best, after all it is “your” creation. When one asks
why? in philosophy we’ll always get different reasons do to myriad of
reasons, one such reason is the environment in which one has been brought
up. The slide show you presented had many pluses that I will point out a
few of; those are the music, images, and you standing there and telling us
what the upcoming slideshow was about. Music was also good, (did you look
up Enigma?) you may like it. I tried to find the CD for you, but my room is
going through an exam phase at the moment. I would really like it if you
enhanced more or added more of the one that you and your friend created your self.
Bottom line I think the effort both of you put into this really paid off.
Good job."
"I attented the water animation event. I thought that it was really interesting and visually stunning. I really liked how the animation went right with the different graphics. It made water more interesting. I'm not sure if it changed my idea of water. However, it was really interesting. Thanks making the video for water ways. I know that it must have taken a very long time."
"I really enjoyed the La musique d'eau last week. When I originally sat down in the classroom to watch it I felt like I was going to be bored for two hours. I soon found myself in a state of relaxation. It wasn't boring, yet soothing. I enjoyed listening to the water. It made me feel like I was watching a rainstorm or a waterfall. It also inspired me to visit a waterfall. I realized I had never seen one and I'm hoping to go sometime this summer to see one."


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Date:May 19th, 2005 09:20 am (UTC)

they keep coming...

Here's somemore thoughts from a student:

"The water music we listened to in class reminded me of something I would/did hear at an arts festival. It is art. The creativity that was used to make the music amazes me. I would have never thought to drop a ball in a toilet. When you told us that is the predominant sound of the first song I was shocked. I thought it was an electronic keyboard. I think depending on the setting it can be very peaceful. I think natural water sounds are more peaceful. I love to listen to the rain. It is very soothing. I can remember being on vacation as a child. We were in Maui and went on the Road to Hannah. There were so many waterfalls on the way to the seven sacred pools. We would pull over to the side of the road and look at the waterfalls in amazement. It was like they were coming from the middle of nowhere. The constant roar of the water is something I will never forget. That is what the music made me think of.

I went to www.wateraid.org and I was reading about a fundraiser that had taken place. They reached their goal of 2 million clicks on their website seven weeks ahead of schedule. Because of this 200,000 Euro are being donated to Water Aid. This will help “the European plastics industry help to deliver clean, safe water and sanitation to the people in Ethiopia”. It is so great to see that people who need this help desperately, will have the opportunity to live a healthier life due to better water resources."
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Date:May 25th, 2005 01:56 am (UTC)
Hi again!
I've been so preoccupied lately that I just got over to your lj page today. It's nice to see some more feedback about the presentation. I rather agree with everything that was said. The music and video really is quite soothing, to the point that my parents fell asleep while I was sharing it with them, haha! I do agree that there were some points where I strayed a bit far from imagery that is directly water, though the video wasn't that labor intensive as most may believe. I was wishing I had more time to really polish it up and change some sequences, but I felt it was better to have something than nothing. I'm sure we can improve upon it, and it is terrific to have audience responses to build our confidences up. I'm kind of a shy person, and I usually assume most people aren't going to like my work unless they are psychedelically aware to some degree, but it was a nice feeling to know that for the most part it was well received by a large cross-section of different people. I know that your music certainly made my video appear better than it probably is. It was fun to collaborate and I look forward to expanding upon the aquatic with you in the near future.
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Date:May 28th, 2005 05:03 am (UTC)
It's funny how you say you're kind of shy. That's hard to tell from your friendly LJ posts :) Hermeneut and I are both pretty shy, too, and our own confidence levels as artists have similarly been raised due to all the great DVD feedback. What I've been gathering from this whole experience is that people who aren't "psychedelically aware" are still able to enjoy the psychedelic vibes emanating from the DVD. It's cool how the DVD is basically transformative waters. And yet that gets reactions out of people. I think that's because water is usually so backgrounded and commonplace for us, so much so that we forget how awesome it really is until it's on display through an artificial medium. The same goes for all the elements. The alchemical work will certainly be a worthwhile collaborative adventure. So much fun, so little time.... :)
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